Welcome back everyone, and thank you for taking time to visit Shire Records. After Hours is now complete, and available for download. . I would like to thank everyone who's inspired me, guided me and supported me along the way, but especially my mother, now passed. Colors, along with the other 15 albums I have done previously is available for free by download. Here's the directory: Flare's Music Directory . If you have my other albums already, simply look for "Afterhours.zip", and that will be the latest. High Definition (.wav) files of Colors and Resonance are now available upon request.

As always, my music is free; please share it with your friends and family and enjoy it, as that is what it is meant for. If you would like to leave something in the tip jar, I would be grateful for the help. This album is further proof that I am nothing without my listeners; I thank you all for staying with me as long as you have and I will continue to work to bring you relaxing tunes to end your day with.

Tips can be paypal'd to flarestarfire@yahoo.com. Alternatively, just use the flash widget below! Thank you for your kindness! All tips currently help me pay off the piano that made After Hours possible!

Fond regards,
Flare the horse
Zeryx the ram
Michael Schaefer

If you have any questions or comments, please email me by clicking here . Thank you!